Dark truth of the festival of lights

Smoke in my neighbourhood on Diwali

Yesterday was a great day, It was the festival of Diwali, great happiness, great celebration, and great pollution too. There is a huge appeal for eco-friendly celebration of diwali, but that’s all in vain. People are still using much amount of crackers, either to show their status, money or to celebrate more than anyone can and this approach is the root cause of air pollution.

Nowadays, sound of crackers is not like cracking but it’s like bombarding. In my colony, my neighbour is solely responsible for causing  air pollution. The photo above was taken by me itself during the night of Diwali (9:45pm IST). People can’t understand that they are making their survival difficult. There are many senior citizens and moreover heart patients also who cannot bear the bombardment of crackers. I think people have become hopeless. I ask to them, WHERE IS THEIR HUMANITY GONE?

Still, I request  to them that they have wasted the environment in a single day that they waste in a month. I want them to take care of this for the next diwali. The budget that they make for crackers, I think they should utilize it for doing shopping and hangout with family and friends, partying hard on festives and i can surely say still money will be left with them after doing all this, which they can save for later another purposes.

Once again, to all the readers, HAPPY DIWALI 🙂


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